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The regional and inter-regional network established to date offers you the best in on time service, exception free delivery, and competitive pricing. We offer vast and proven LTL experience, know how and expertise that is unmatched in the industry. Our best in class technology and systems allows for a managed process from point of order to invoicing. Our transportation management system allows you access to quick, competitive rates, management reports, instant access to your shipment status and request for proof of delivery. If you find that freight audit and payment represents an opportunity to improve your LTL operation, we offer best in class FA&P processes. Our proven results have shown to produce a profit ratio of $22 for every $1 invested.

Our inter-regional service often provides 25% quicker delivery performance vs. industry standards. The network includes dedicated team drivers that understand the discipline required to meet “cut” and “arrival” times.

Our technology and systems approach with our business partners allows both of us to access to all information applicable to your individual shipment. EDI functions exchanged include:

  • 204 Shipment Order
  • 210 Invoicing
  • 214 Shipment Status
  • 990 Acknowledgement / Shipment ID.
  • 997 Pick Up Acknowledgement

The Cycle Up Operations team manages every shipment, everyday by the metrics you establish for your business requirements.

Metrics Performance
On–time Pick Up 99.5%
On-Time Delivery 98%
Exception Free Delivery 98%
Invoicing Compliance 100%
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